Martini Travel Kit

You like your martini's a certain way and when you're in an airplane or in your hotel room, you can't get dry vermouth. In fact, most bartenders can really ruin a good day.

Our martini travel kit will allow you or your favorite traveller to relax while away from home. It consists of a pouch that will not leak and includes 2 - 3 1/2 oz jars of Miss Scarlett drunken stuffed olives along with a copy of Classic Martinis Vol.11 featuring 185 different martini recipes.

The Misto Sprayer is a small metal cylinder the size of a tube of lip stick and has a glass insert that you can fill with dry vermouth. When you're ready for that perfectly dry martini all you have to do is spray the rim of your glass. (You can also fill your Misto Sprayer with your favorite liquor or juice.)

The cost for this travel martini kit is $39.95 including shipping and handling and $49.95 if you want us to gift wrap it and include a card.

By law, we are not allowed to sell any alcoholic beverage, so you'll have to buy your own nippers to take along.

This is one gift that will really be a smash hit! (No pun intended)

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